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Trade CFDs on thousands of global shares and benefit from ultra-fast order execution and competitive trading conditions. Trade CFDs on shares of some of the largest and most popular companies in the US, UK, and EU.

Spreads and Conditions

Symbol Name Commission
AAPL Apple 0.02 USD
GOOG Google 0.02 USD
FB Facebook 0.02 USD
NFLX Netflix 0.02 USD
AMZN Amazon 0.02 USD
TSLA Tesla 0.02 USD

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We provide our clients with a wide range of desktop, web and mobile trading platforms including Rich Bull platform, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTrader.

What Are Shares?

What are CFDs

The CFD market was developed in the early 90s, mainly to attract exchange speculators with a small capital to shares trading.

Initially, it was impossible to trade stocks without registration of ownership of the given asset. Over time, to make this market more accessible, Contracts For Difference were introduced for trading financial instruments, basic goods, and other various exchange instruments.

CFD is a Contract For the Difference in prices. It’s a financial instrument that’s used to buy shares online. Stock trading is possible due to the price going up or down, which traders use to open “Buy” or “Sell” positions in order to catch the current trend. This type of shares trading is about speculation on the fluctuations in the prices, without the ownership of the securities themselves. Typically the price of the contract for buying shares online is not fixed and changes all the time.

Trading CFD on shares allows traders to place both long and short positions to benefit from a price rise or fall respectively. Securities reflect corporate actions, so traders are entitled to dividend payments when going long, and incur dividend charges when going short.

Why do companies issue shares

First of all, that is a tool for raising a company’s capital. These are bought with is put straight into the business for instance into the development of its production or restocking its working capital.

Secondly, it is an important reputational component of the corporate image. This adds to its publicity and transparency and attracts potential investors interested in trading. But in order for the securities of a company to be traded on the stock exchange, they must first be listed.

What is a listing

There is a series of procedures that a company needs to go through in order to include its securities into the Stock list. Each stock exchange tries to protect the interests of its investors (those who are interested in stocks trading) and therefore seeks to trade only the strongest issuers. To prove the "quality" of its securities emission, a company has to undergo a series of checks. Requirements might be made to the size of the share capital, its profitability, size of the issue, etc.

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